It had all occured so fast. They had chased the orcs together, determined to slay them before they would have gotten away, but then the dwarf required healing. Legolas was a very poor healer, not even mediocre, whereas Tauriel as a female had a greater gift for it, even though her constant killing diminshed the skill. Still, Legolas was not suited for the task.

He made certain she had the calm and the time for it, but the orcs’ target seemed to be the other parts of the dwarve’s company and they left. It had all been pleasant until then, but now they were forced to choose. She was not yet finished and he gazed into her hues, an understanding between them that required no words. He knew he had to go on and continue the chase alone for now. But he also knew she would follow. They were so seldomly apart, fighting alone had become an oddity.

But the captain had not followed. Instead their path crossed again in a different way and the prince was highly alarmed. Tauriel was clearly highly distressed, Legolas barely knew her this way. She was a seasoned warrior and collected even in stressful situations but currently, she seemed almost disoriented, aside from the fact that she was soaked.

"Tauriel." He hoped she was physically unharmed because he curled his arms around her form in a protective manner, holding her so close that his garments too turned damp. "What happened to you?" Looking around, he found the smoke in the sky to belong to no chimney and no bonfire. An entire town was burning, mere ashes and ruins. "We must leave." The closest - hopefully intact- human settlement was close and he hoped to find dry clothes for her, food and shelter.





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Anonymous: Can I just say I LOVE YOUR SHIP WITH TAURIEL have a nice day

//daKFJBEEbkjbkfjsef thank you sweet nonnie, you too
Unless you also cry like I do because it’s so perfectly painful
*dying elf noises*

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Tauriel: "Of all the things in this lifetime I have lost and will lose, may it never be you."
Legolas: "It seems the only one keeping us safe, is you."
*Flies off into fucking never land because this can never never ever happen.*
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The Lord of the Rings Meme 25. best warrior[s]

" A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight!"


The translator needs a moment

confessorkahlanamnell: "Don’t go, please!" [Hello you :3]



"I will return swiftly, I am only collecting firewood." It was bound to get cold when the sun set and while Elves suffered no cold, his company might appreciate a warm fire.


A long life.” She seemed to think. Maybe I should consider myself to be an elf in my next life. She grinned. Well, we indeed live very long. But it does not freeze, you do not have as much sleep and also comes a couple of days without food from, right? Chuckled lightly. It was kind of nice to talk to him. I am a Confessor. An ancient order of women sworn to find the truth, no matter how hard people try to hide it june. I come from a faraway city called Aydindril and'm just passing through here.

With an interested frown, Legolas came to notice she bore enigmas and mysteries he knew nothing about. His long life usually graced him with great insight, many questions of the men were not unknown to his people. But this place, he had never heard of, and neither of this order. “Are you travelling somwhere specific? If you are foreign to these lands, a guide would be of great value.” Maps could easily be stolen or deciphered mistakenly. “And this order, are you here in the order’s name?” Perhaps this was a mission of great importance.

goldengreenleaf: If I may inquire, what happened with your wife?



"… She died giving birth to my youngest, Tilda."


Bard bowed his head in respect to the mother of the elf prince. Though he had faced grief losing his wife, it was another thing entirely to grow up without a mother.

Of course, Legolas’ next words were enough to give the bowman pause. He raised his chin and hooked his thumb through his belt, giving the elf a discerning look. “Not sure I quite understand what you’re offering, m’lord.”


Only now the implications of his offer dawned on the prince and he arched a correcting brow, shaking the aurulent head. “If by any chance you are not returning to your children.” A grave and gloomy assumption but Bard, no matter how skilled and brave, was a mortal and they tended to wither out of life before their blossom had lost all the petals. “You can rest assured they will be taken care of in the most sufficient manner.”

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She wished for him, just as he wished for her. But she was not nearly so bold and brave as he was, not now, not when these days were upon them. A battle was wrought, and now everything seemed as if it were in chaos and disorder. He brought to such great new heights with his body pressed to hers, the feeling of his lips upon her neck still — by the gods, she feared such heights when she took the time to look down and realize the fall was fatal at best. 

Tauriel’s eyes softened as she watched him manage, he had been so ready to give himself to her: he loved her and it was as clear as daylight upon a night sky that he did. For reasons beyond her, she could find no words to reply to the expression that crossed his face as he apologized. 

"Is it not I who was caused the discomfort?" She retorted hesitantly while feeling his hands run through her hair. It was a honest gesture, her hand sliding beneath the folds of his tunic to rest upon his chest where his heart lay beating. "Of all the things in this lifetime I have lost and will lose, may it never be you." In the elven tongue she spoke these words, a form of a subtle prayer before her hand slid to his jawline, exploring his features.

It was disappointing, but reassuring at the same time. It was Tauriel’s way of displaying how important he was to her. That she hoped not to lose him, even if now it seemed like she was pushing him away, in a metaphorical sense but Legolas understood. Or at least, he hoped he did. The hand on his chest felt soothing, not a many knew the captain like he did. They knew her strong and relentless but the gentle touches the prince hoarded greedily, wanted to keep them away from the eye of others.

“‘Tis alright.” he retorted and it was a mere whisper. Legolas didn’t want to disturb this sacred moment, so intimated without being out of line. Were anyone to pass by, they were certainly in an obvious position, but they were not acting inappropriately either, now that his lips had stopped caressing her smooth skin. Appreciation glowed in his azulines, his mouth curling with affection. He was so painfully obvious, but simply not one to hide his affections. He doubted he could, the elf mused with a chuckle.

Strong arms curled around her form, a hand resting on the small of her back, perfectly fitting, as if it belonged there. Even through her soaked clothes, Tauriel was warm. “It seems the one keeping us safe, is you.” The guardian. Not only their physical wellbeing but their relationship as well. “Forgive me if I threaten it with my impatience.” Resting his chin on her head, he simply held her close, listening to their heartbeats and the splashing of the river.

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