"Why yes, I think we make a splendid pair and sparring partners."

I am  

I am 

Why would 

Ever want 

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✿ (puppy eyes from your Elladan)


Come here and let me love you.

Grumbles in the forest


Kili froze mid-bite on the bread, wide eyes staring at a blonde elf who walked into the clearing. Busted. He swallowed not lowering the bread nor his eyes from the elf, though he did raise up from the ground.

He was already smaller than this man and he didn’t want to worsen that feeling by being on the grass.

Kili had been so sure he had managed to steal some food without having been caught but apparently he was wrong. And now this elf was here. Which…in a way made no sense. There had been more than enough food for the elves, why would this one in particular go search a possible culprit?

"If you assume I will apologize, you’re wrong." Kili finally spoke, tongue poking out to lick his dry and cracked lips. It would have been stupid to steal something to drink from the tables as well but oh how he craved for some kind of liquid right now.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures."

The prince had not yet even registered what had occured, already was the dwarf hostile. Why were he here in these dark, dangerous woods? Seldomly people wandered Mirkwood unless dire matters forced them. And what were these desperate measures he was talking about?

"A thief is a thief." Legolas responded stubbornly, his tone however more curious than angry or offended. Dwarves were proud he had heard, to result to such lowly behaviour must truly mean they are in need of aid. Or food. He let the dwarf keep the breard with a fluid wave of his hand. He settled on a big root, still towering above the dwarf. "But you may keep this."

"What are these desperate times? Here in the infested forest, time is always desperate. Why are you here?" Such odd guests surely meant trouble and nothing else.

There had to be more than only this one, the prince scented them. Aside from that, this dwarf seemed far too young to be travelling alone, but Legolas did not know enough of the dwarvenfolk to draw a defnite conclusions.

✿ "And think of all the ways we could murder it!" (I'm sorry asdfgh)



I’ll teach you a thing or two, you pretty little Thindarin princeling. Riding a shield down the stairs firing arrows all the way? Did it three Ages ago, and it was a taller staircase, too.

I get the faint feeling someone is a little bitter.

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"I am certain it would be an entertaining union."

(This is Legolas for ‘I ship it’ )

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"How surprising.

"Incredibly. Who knew."

"Outrageous almost."

✿ ((no shit, right?))


"How surprising.


"Think of all the nibbling we could do."